The perfect pair of shoes

Beautiful bridal shoes can make or break your wedding-day outfit – find the perfect pair and you’ll not only look amazing, but feel fantastic.

We put some common bridal shoe questions to Astra Bridal’s Lori McPherson…

Image from Kim & Max’s wedding (issue 98) by Darren Burnett

Image from Kim & Max’s wedding (issue 98) by Darren Burnett

What do I need to consider when looking for bridal shoes?

Take into account the style of your gown. If it’s slinky and sexy, go for a sexier shoe style. Also, think about the fabric of your gown and make sure it complements the fabric of your shoe.

Ideally, try the shoes on with your gown – that way you will be assured of the overall look and the correct heel height for your gown’s length. Consider, too, the height of your groom and other attendants!

When should I start shoe shopping?

As early as possible. By starting early you will have the full range to select from, as some styles may need to be ordered in. You should aim to have your shoes, or ones of the same height, at your first gown fitting so the hem can be altered correctly. 

I want the extra inches, but I’m not used to wearing heels. Any alternatives?

One way of wearing a high heel without the wobbles is to go for a platform heel. The latest platform designs look elegant and will give you a great base to stand on. If you go for the wedge platform, you’ll avoid sinking into grass. 

If you do decide to brave higher heels, practise walking in them before the big day. You could try adding a ‘heel cuff’, which pops onto the bottom of your heel to prevent it sinking into grass and catching on cobbles or other paving.

At the end of the day, comfort as well as style must play a part. It’s very hard to keep smiling when your feet are killing you! You want to walk gracefully and naturally, so choose a heel height you feel comfortable with.

I can’t find a shoe to match the colour of my gown!

The vast range of hues of today’s bridal gowns can make it hard to find a shoe to match. Dying is a simple solution that enables you to match your shoes to the outdoor light and to blend with the gown. Another exciting option is to work with contrast – a dramatic red shoe under your white gown can look stunning and is a bit of fun. Or, how about blue for your ‘something blue’? A current trend is for the bride to dye her shoes to match the bridesmaid shoes or colour theme of her wedding, or to wear a sparkly silver shoe to really turn heads and add a touch of bling to her outfit.

Should I wear my high heels for dancing?

Many brides are choosing to pack a pair of sparkly ballet flats to dance the night away. But if you don’t want to take off your dream heels, make sure you practice dancing in them. (Protect your shoes when you wear them in at home by putting a pair of socks over the top of them.) I recommend gel inserts for comfort, and including a couple of plasters in your emergency kit just in case you get a blister.  

Check out the floor of your venue. If it’s slippery, add grip to your shoes by sandpapering the sole a little, or purchase some adhesive sole pads.

What can I do with my shoes after the big day?

If you’ve chosen a coloured shoe, they’ll be great for wearing out on the town after your wedding. Another option is to add a shoe clip to turn a plain shoe into something special. If you purchased a satin or silk shoe, they can be dyed another colour, such as black, which will mean you can get more wear out of them. 


top wedding tip

Even though you may wear your wedding shoes for just one day, they will last forever in your photos. It’s popular for wedding photographers to take a number of shots of your shoes – as you slip them on your feet, as you exit the car, lift your gown to twirl on the dance floor or take a break with your new husband! Don’t ruin your album with a pair of ill-fitting or mismatching shoes.