The perfect honeymoon

Your honeymoon is a great way to unwind after the wedding, and spend some relaxing and romantic time together. Follow these steps to ensure you have the best holiday to kick-start married life . . .

perfect planning

  • Decide together on the style of honeymoon you’d like, perhaps taking inspiration from your shared interests. Are you a pair of adventure-seekers? Prefer relaxing on the beach? Or keen to experience a new culture?

  • Think about the season and climate when choosing your destination and dates of travel. For example, it’s best to visit the Pacific Islands during the New Zealand winter – from May to October – when the weather is drier and more settled.

  • If your budget is limited, consider all-inclusive packages, travelling in the off-season, destinations where the Kiwi dollar goes further, enjoying your honeymoon at a beautiful spot in New Zealand, or having a contribution to your honeymoon as a gift option for your guests.

  • Pay for wedding expenses with a credit card that earns you air miles – it may even cover your flights!

  • Do your research. Chat to people who have been there, enlist the help of a travel agent to source the best deals, and visit independent websites with reviews and photos from real travellers, such as

  • Check your passports are valid, have at least six months before they expire, and are under the same name in which you book your air tickets!

    safety first

  • Take out travel insurance to protect against travel delays,
    lost luggage and medical emergencies, which can be very expensive in some countries. Check it covers your new finger bling!

  • Have a major credit card available to reduce the amount of cash you carry, and to provide emergency funds if you need them.

  • Pack a first-aid kit. Depending on your destination and the season, you may need to include: hand sanitiser; sunscreen; insect repellent; antihistamine; medication for motion sickness; plasters; pain relievers; cold remedies; anti-diarrhoea tablets. Carry all medications in their original packaging to avoid delays at customs, and don’t pack any liquids (including sunscreens) in your hand luggage.

  • Be sure to take a list of emergency contacts with you and leave your hotel details and itinerary with family.

    romance abroad

  • Make sure your airline and hotel know you are on honeymoon – you may be lucky and get an upgrade or extra goodies such as bubbly and chocolates.

  • Pack little luxuries that will make your holiday super romantic: your favourite music, massage oils, scented candles, bubble bath etc.

  • Remember to get photographs of yourselves together!

  • Turn off your phones and schedule time to do nothing at all. If you do plan to use your phone while you’re away – to check emails, send text messages or use the internet – be sure to check the roaming costs with your provider before leaving so you don’t return home to any nasty surprises.

  • Plan a surprise for your spouse. You could treat your beer-loving guy to a brewery tour, or spoil your girl with a private dinner on the beach or a couples’ massage.

  • For a memorable end to your honeymoon, save something special for the last night – maybe a moonlit cruise, a special dinner, or the night in a five-star hotel.