Bridal veils

Some brides forgo a veil, believing it to be outdated. But try teaming the latest veil trends with your gown and see the transformation that occurs...

Feminine and romantic, nothing says ‘bride’ like a veil.

Not only can it add a finishing touch to your overall look, but a cleverly chosen veil can slim or soften your silhouette. On trend for 2014 is the long veil with a single tier and simple edge. Try on a few different styles and see how they look with your gown.

Some of the popular options for veils include:

Visor veil
Half veil, half headpiece, the visor veil is also known as a birdcage or a fascinator. Usually constructed of French netting, it covers your face to your chin. This creates a modern look with a lovely vintage twist.

Shoulder length
Fun and flirty, this veil length is all about the pouf around your face and the pretty waves of tulle making you look your most feminine. It’s a style that complements gowns with embellishment on the back.

Falling to the fingertips, this veil can be worn on top of the head or from the base of an up-do. The fingertip veil is great for gowns that have detailing on the lower half of the train as it doesn’t cover any of that beautiful embellishment.

Waltz length

This is the veil that just sweeps the floor, so when you have your gown bustled up for the first dance, it will sweep romantically behind you.

The chapel-length veil finishes at the same length as your train. If it has a second layer then that will finish at your elbows and the bottom layer will cover the base of your train. This style looks great with almost any hairstyle.

For the true romantics among us, this is the veil that either goes to the end of a long train or beyond, and suits a formal wedding. Cathedral veils look particularly beautiful in photos as they float in the wind or drape around the bride.

The mantilla veil sits on top of your head, just back from your hairline, and drapes down around your face and shoulders. It is edged in lace and gives an exotic Spanish look.