7 ways to keep your bridesmaids happy

Your wedding is all about you, but don’t forget to spare a thought for the needs of your bridesmaids and groomsmen!

The guys and girls in your wedding party are there to support you, lend a helping hand with wedding-related tasks, and make sure everything runs smoothly on the big day – so it’s important to maintain a great relationship with them, especially where money, family and obligations are concerned. Here are some things you can do to ensure everyone is happy and your day goes without a hitch…

1. Be mindful of the budget

Before you fall in love with that fabulous dress, accessories and luxury accommodation, consider your friends’ financial situations. Are they raising a young family? Studying? Part of another wedding party?

Bridesmaids and groomsmen usually have to pay for quite a bit over the course of your wedding (hen and stag do, travel expenses, a gift, beauty treatments), so before money causes tension in your friendship, have a conversation about the expected costs that may be coming up. Help out if you can – look out for specials and deals, treat them to their hair and makeup, be a little flexible on items such as the shoes they wear, or let them know you don’t need extravagant gifts.

2. Dress them to impress

Ultimately, you want everyone in your bridal party to look and feel great on your wedding day, so consider what outfits will flatter all of their different body types.

Not sure which style will work for all the girls? Find out what they are and aren’t comfortable wearing before you hit the shops, and choose a style that suits them all, or individually in the same fabric or colour. If your want your bridesmaids to wear high heels, then look after their feet. Provide gel pads and heel stoppers (if they have to walk on grass), and let them know it’s OK to change into more comfortable shoes on the dance floor.

Ensure the guys are dressed in attire that suits the climate, don’t let them sweat in black woollen suits in summer!

3. Have reasonable expectations

When allocating responsibilities, once again consider each individual’s personal situation – they all have a life outside of your wedding, and respecting that will keep them happy. Communicate early on and make sure the members of your wedding party know what you need from them in the lead-up and on the big day itself. Will moral support be enough, or do you expect a little more hands-on help with things such as addressing wedding invites or collecting suits from the hire shop? Either way, they’ll appreciate the heads-up, and it will save frustration and confusion.
Try to keep everything balanced and fair, and call on other family and friends if needed – most people would be happy to help.

4. Make introductions

If your bridesmaids and groomsmen have not met before, introduce them to each other. A casual barbecue or fun outing is a great way to get them together before they start planning your hen or stag party, and they’ll feel comfortable around each other on your wedding day, meaning they’ll have a great time and the photos will look more relaxed!

5. Celebrate together

Most weddings begin early in the day with hair appointments etc, and last well into the night. While this is fun, the whole process can be stressful and a little tiring, so make sure you have plenty of moments to relax and laugh with your wedding party – they want to celebrate with you after all! Provide drinks or snacks throughout the day to show your appreciation and keep them energised.

6. Be thankful

From organising your hen and stag party to keeping you calm on the big day, your bridesmaids and groomsmen do a lot and deserve a thank you. Show your appreciation for their support by giving each member a small gift, one that is carefully chosen to suit their personality. A personal note attached is a simple and sweet touch.

7. Be a good friend

Sometimes when you get caught up in planning your wedding, the rest of the world can fall by the wayside.

Make sure you spend some time focusing on friends and family, and keeping up with what’s going on in their lives. Meet up with them for a drink to remind them that they are your friends first and foremost, and you want them to be there long after the big day is over.

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