Stephanie & Trent

Our wedding was one of those days that we will remember forever. It absolutely poured with rain, my dress was covered in mud before I even got to walk up the aisle to my groom… but it was perfect!


We wanted our wedding day to be a big party, where everyone was well fed, with lots to drink, and good music.

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Unfortunately, due to the weather, our ceremony couldn't be held in the lower garden of our venue, however, it was so cosy and intimate under the canopy with the rain coming down.

Our reception was romantic and classic with lots of beautiful flowers, candles and fairy lights; I was so thrilled with how everything turned out.

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One of the other really fun things we decided was to take dance lessons. We are both hopeless dancers so we went to the very best – Candy Lane! The legend herself taught us a very simple dance to Fall by Ed Sheeran.

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Trent’s favourite part of the wedding was definitely the red Mustang – this was his one request. We hired it for the whole weekend, so we got some good use out of it in the following days after our wedding.

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Overall, as cliché as it sounds, our wedding truly was the best day of our lives. We had a great time, guests had a great time and that’s all we wanted.

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My piece of advice for brides – don’t worry if it rains! Rain brings the best lighting for photographers, so embrace it. I promise you it won’t matter and you’ll be having so much fun on the day and you won’t care!

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Photographer: Anna Kidman

Videographer: White Wedding Videography

Venue: Cassels

Bride’s gown: Ellie Atelier

Groom’s attire: Hallensteins

Bridesmaid dresses: The Stockroom

Groomsmen attire: Hallensteins

Makeup artist: Lipstick and Co

Hair stylist: Lipstick and Co

Florist: Clevedon Flowers, Bay Blooms

Cake: Cake Occasions

Stationery: Vistaprint

Decorations: La Lumiere (fairy lights)

Celebrant: Mel Stuart

Transport: First Class Classics (Rolls Royce)