Stephanie & Trent

Stephanie and Trent embraced the rain to enjoy an incredibly romantic and intimate wedding day with elegant detailing and plenty of fun. Stephanie tells us more…


Our wedding was a day that we will remember forever. It absolutely poured with rain, my dress was covered in mud before I even got up the aisle to my groom, but it was perfect! Our wedding unfortunately couldn't be held in the lower garden at the venue; instead we had to be under the canopy, however, it was so cosy with the rain coming down above us – it felt like you were inside watching a movie on a rainy day. It was incredibly romantic and intimate.

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Trent’s favourite part of the wedding was definitely the red Mustang – this was his one request! We hired it for the whole weekend, so we got some good use out of it in the following days after our wedding.

I wanted our reception to be romantic and classic with lots of beautiful flowers, candles and fairy lights. I was so thrilled with how everything turned out.

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One of the really fun things we decided was to take dance lessons. Candy Lane taught us a very simple dance to Fall by Ed Sheeran. We had so much fun with Candy; she was very sweet and very patient with us!

Overall, as cliché as it sounds, it truly was the best day of our lives. We had a great time, guests had a great time, and that’s all we wanted.

If I can give any advice to future brides, don’t sweat the small stuff, and rain brings the best lighting for photographers, so if it rains embrace it – I promise you it won’t matter and you won’t care!

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Photographer: Anna Kidman

Venue: Cassels (now Tui Hills)

Decorations: La Lumiere

Bridesmaid dresses: The Stockroom

First Class Classics / Ellie Atelier / Hallensteins / Lipstick and Co / Clevedon Flowers / Bay Blooms / White Wedding Videography / Smart Car Rental / Cake Occasions / Mel Stuart Celebrant