Harriet & William

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Planning a wedding in six months was always going to be a challenge, but Harriet and William say all the effort was worth it on the day! Their autumn wedding was exactly as they wanted it – fun, relaxed and an authentic reflection of their love. Harriet tells us about their special day…

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The lush greenery and modern rustic vibes of Ataahua Garden venue provided the perfect backdrop for our day. Our ceremony was in front of an outdoor fireplace in the intimate walled garden, and we wrote our own vows, which was one of my favourite things about the day. I wanted to make an event of the ceremony, rather than it being over in the blink of an eye. Our celebrant made sure it was an entertaining and laughter-filled occasion! It was full of stories about our relationship, our hopes and dreams, and our bridal party. We planted an oak sapling for our future home, tipping in soil from each family’s garden.

After the ceremony we had a garden party with Champagne, cake, canapés, and lawn games. We had a few family members on each side bake us a cake, so ended up having about six in total. We love cake and you can never have too much!

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We included a lot of little DIY touches in our day. They took a lot of time to get right but feeling proud of yourself on the day is worth all the agonizing attention to detail. Decorations for the reception included a suspended ladder over the bridal table with assorted drop lights, a 3-metre flower arrangement, and delicate seed lights. It was breathtaking. The banquet tables were laced with greenery, seed lights, and candles, making for a magical and warm atmosphere.

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The food was to die for; a definite highlight for many!

After sidesplitting speeches, we had the best party. I could have danced all night. The best thing about the day is having everyone you love together. There is something so energising and uplifting about that. It truly is the most amazing experience that you get to re-live over and over again through the photos and videos. It was worth every penny.

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Photos: Rachel Soh Photography

Bride’s gown: Kellylin Couture

Venue: Ataahua Garden Venue

The Gown House / Meccano / Chrissie Callard Makeup / TLC Hairdressing / Michael Hill / Will Johnston / Devour / Pretty Wild Floral / Cover, Vintage & Style / Jack Briden & Aidan Cullen / Platinum Music