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Your very own wedding organiser!

To make planning your wedding both manageable and enjoyable, we have put together this organiser to help you plan the day of your dreams. It is divided into sections that cover different aspects of your wedding, from the ceremony to the honeymoon. These sections include plenty of basic information, ideas and suggestions along with space to make your own notes and revisions. There is also a countdown to help keep you on track, an expenses worksheet, an important contacts list and a to-do list, so you can tick off your achievements as you go. Our intention is not to show you how it’s done. We’d rather you use our suggestions as starting points – after all, there are as many ways to get married as there are people to marry!

Print out these sheets and put them into a folder. Once the big day has passed, they could become one of your wedding keepsakes.
The Essentials
To-do checklist
Questions for specialists
After the wedding

Guests & Invites


Fashion & Beauty


The Ceremony


The Reception

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Bride&Groom WeddingPlanner

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