Sarah & Josh

With the support of family and friends, from their new home in London, Josh and Sarah planned a stunning summer wedding at the family farm in Marlborough. The theme was ‘vintage and vines’, and they enjoyed a laid-back and happy day in a drop-dead gorgeous venue. Sarah tells us more…

Josh is a winemaker and grew up surrounded by grapes on his family farm, so deciding on our location was easy. Longfield has been in the family since the 1800s, for five generations now. After exchanging vows at Nativity Church where generations of family had walked down the aisle, we headed back to Longfield’s garden and tractor shed for the rest of the celebrations.

We’d flown home from London a month before the wedding so we could organise final details and enjoy some extra time with loved ones. Josh and his friends built the long tables that would eventually line the shed for the evening meal, while the girls sanded and painted their handiwork. The boys built the barbecues that we cooked the lamb on, and turned a shipping container into an outdoor bar that we named the ‘Matapouri Inn’. We painted wine barrels, spent sunny afternoons in the garden and went foraging up the Wairou Valley for the greenery that hung from the roof of the shed.

My mother-in-law, Lynne, her generous and hard-working friends, and our planner stylist Jess, who all have a flair for interior design, created a magical setting for the reception. The attention to detail was staggering, as the tractor shed was totally transformed into an exceptional space beyond our wildest dreams.

Josh made the wine, and to pay tribute to our grandparents, we printed photos of them to act as the label on the wine bottles. A family friend was the chef for the night and put together the menu with Josh’s keen input. All ingredients were locally sourced where possible, with lamb from the farm next door, salmon from the Sounds and other seafood gathered by family. Our parents joined in on making the pesto, the chutneys and various other condiments for the French buffet with shared plates. Josh and his mum made the beautiful cake, my Gran made my clutch especially for the big day, and a family friend choreographed our first dance.

There is absolutely no doubt that the involvement of all our loved ones made our day what it was.

Photos by Jessica Jones Photography
Others that made their wedding special: Lusan Mandongas, Moss Brothers, Evolution NZ, Darnelle Boyle, Rachel Lee White, London Victoria Ring Co., Nativity Church, Bob Barnes, Marcel Rood, Betty + Co., Verve, Vanilla Hayes, Monty Bevins

Josh’s urban winery in central London...