Amanda & Jono

With a ‘Summer of Love’ theme in mind, Amanda and Jono planned a unique and personalised wedding full of bright flowers, love and laughter. Amanda fills us in…

When we first saw the venue in Ohoka, the barn conversions were still in their infancy and we had to put a lot of trust in the owners that it would be finished in time. They certainly delivered, with a beautiful backdrop that allowed me to be as creative as I wanted.

There were lots of elements to the styling that were very personal to us. The ceremony set-up with the fireplace and Persian rug was designed to be reminiscent of my house back in the UK. We placed pictures of our grandparents on their wedding days around the fireplace, and the confetti was displayed in a suitcase that belonged to my late grandad. The signing table and cake stand were the same ones used by my sister at her wedding. The giant heart feature behind the head table was more beautiful than I imagined.

Mum helped me dry rose petals from her garden for the confetti, cut out 110 napkins and made lavender shortbreads for the dessert at the reception. My mother-in-law was also extremely helpful, ironing everyone’s clothes, robes and napkins, and spending days putting together the wedding favours, which were bottles of olive oil from my parents’ neighbours.

After initially buying a gown online, I decided it wasn’t right for me, so I had one custom made. Jono’s hatred of shopping worked well for me as I didn’t have to overthink the guys’ outfits. However, finding the perfect forest-green jacket did prove difficult. Jono has always been a non-conventional dresser in a stylish way, and I think all the guys looked fantastic. I even managed to find a matching blush bow tie and forest-green lead for our dog, Sage!

Your wedding should be special and unique to you and that’s what we were able to create on our day.  

Photos by Jonathan Suckling
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