Phemie – our 2017 Flowergirl of the Year winner

Having been together since 1997, Katie and Michael’s wedding was 19 years in the making. With their children there to witness the day, the couple wed in a gorgeous ceremony that celebrated their journey. Their six-year-old daughter Phemie was their flowergirl, and took great pride in her role. Katie shares the details…

‘Over a year in the planning, our wedding day will be etched in the memories of all our friends and family as a creative, unique, warm and beautiful gathering to celebrate making it this far!
Something really special about getting married later in life is that you have your own beautiful children there to share in the wonderful occasion. All the kids were in the bridal party and were asked permission for us to marry, with our son George as the ring bearer and daughter Gussie as a bridesmaid.

Euphemia (Phemie) was the natural choice for our flowergirl. Seeming to have been born with the ‘romance’ gene, Phemie had ideas about weddings from a young age. She was part of the impetus to actually get married as she would always say to her dad and I “Will you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?” whenever we were standing side by side.

Phemie was over the moon when she was finally able to be flowergirl in her own parents’ wedding and enjoyed ‘giving us away’ at the ceremony, but her great moment on the day was her speech at the reception, which she delivered with confidence and maximum cuteness!

Our wedding was a beautiful event and marks a point where, armed with the love and support of all who were there, we’ll go into a long and happy future together.’

Photos: Catherine Cattanach Photography
Bride’s gown: Sally Eagle
Groom’s attire: Major Toms
Flowergirl dress: Liberty Lawn
Ceremony: Napier Cathedral
Cake: Bordeaux Bakery Arobake

Phemie has won a gift card from Mocka and a themed party pack from Jazabaloo, and Katie and Michael have won his and hers fragrances from Elizabeth Arden and John Varatos.